Moon orb lamps make every scene more beautiful

Moonlight is a German company that makes these beautiful glowing orbs. The polyethylene spheres range from 13-30 inches across and can survive in temperatures from -40 to 170 Fahrenheit. Though they've been around in Europe for a while (they kind of scream "minimalist hotel decoration!" to us), they're finally coming to the United States, via a new company called, appropriately enough, Moonlight USA.

Moonlight makes all sorts of orbs, from half-orbs, to orbs decorated like a real moon, to electric pink ones. Check them out in the gallery bellow. If you want to fill your own yard with glowing balls (and why wouldn't you?), individual orbs will range between $325 to $1,000 each. Miniature versions sold separately.

Moonlight, Inc., via Fortune Small Business