Mind-blowing Bertie robot figurine: 14" tall, 43 joints, 100% awesome

Bigshot Toyworks, a design studio known for its ridiculously high quality action figures, is giving one of Ashley Wood's distinct robots a real world presence. Meet Bertie, one of Wood's pipebomb 'bots from his upcoming World War Robot comic series. Bertie, shown off in his "Dirty Deeds" variant above, stands 14 inches high and has 43 points of articulation (each cold, robotic finger has three joints, amazingly). He comes with various weaponry, from a grenade launcher and oversized revolver (complete with spinning chamber) to a giant knife. Oh, and a bag of severed heads — most likely a hint at those aforementioned dirty deeds.

Pricing has yet to be announced, though Bertie figurines will be arriving at Bigshot Toyworks in May. Six of them were up for a raffle at the New York Comic Con last weekend, and lucky winners were able to take one home for $300.

Click through the gallery below for illustrations, shots and details chock-full of Bertie love.

Bigshot Toyworks, via Ashley Wood