Microsoft Surface coming to AT&T stores this month

You may recall Surface, the interactive-table thingie that Microsoft showed off last year. Surface is basically a table-size computer with a 30-inch touchscreen as a tabletop. The screen actually does some cool stuff when you put certain things on it, like wirelessly downloading pictures from phones put on top of it or creating virtual coasters for drinks.

Awesome? Amusing? Useless? You'll be able to judge for yourself come April 17 if you live in New York City, Atlanta, San Antonio or San Francisco. That's when some AT&T stores will begin showing off Surface, letting customers experience Microsoft's monolithic table PC for themselves, which will do things like download ringtones to customers' phones and giving info on AT&T phones put on top of it. If response is positive, Surface may spread to all of AT&T's stores. Although we think this Surface spoof video really pegged Surface, we're looking forward to playing with the real thing and hoping (believe it or not) it blows us away.

Microsoft Surface, via Engadget