Lite-On working on Blu-ray drive for Xbox 360?

Since Blu-ray has won the high-def-disc format war, the HD DVD add-on that Microsoft released for the Xbox 360 has become completely obsolete. It only seems natural, therefore, for Microsoft to be working on a Blu-ray add-on for its console, right?

Well, rumor has it that Lite-On is working on a Blu-ray drive for Microsoft's Xbox 360 (take it with an extra grain of salt on account of today's date). If it's true, the most likely implementation would be an external drive that'll plug into the back of the console (just like the HD DVD drive did), but there are also rumblings of a newer version of the console with the drive built-in. What do you think: Would Blu-ray be an added benefit for the Xbox, or is it too late for it to matter?

Digitimes, via Ubergizmo