UPDATED: Kohler Karbon kitchen faucet could be a new life form

Leave it to Kohler to call a faucet a “new. life. form.” But this fixture for your kitchen really is different. The Karbon Faucet articulates from a compact pole-looking thing into a long arm that reaches right where you need it. That means those huge soup pots are easy to fill with the Karbon fully hoisted up to its highest level, and when you’re done, it folds up into a compact size, out of your way when you don’t need it.

Sure, you could get a kitchen faucet with a pullout spray instead (we really like this one), or just settle for that traditional plumbing with the separate shower-head-style nozzle for spraying pots and pans. But then you wouldn’t have the joy of manipulating your Karbon faucet made of carbon fiber and brass, which might be equally at home aboard the Space Shuttle. This thing has got to cost a fortune, but even so, it looks gorgeous. Jump to the next page for a dramatic, overwrought video in the grand “Bold Look of Kohler” style.

UPDATE: Kohler tells us Karbon's list price is "$925 and up," and it should be available by June or July.

Kohler, via Trendir