Kit in Box keeps pussy off your keyboard

Does your cat like to hang out on your laptop keyboard while you're typing? Or maybe she prefers to use you as a jungle gym while you're trying to get work done. Whatever your feline's favorite perch, you'd probably prefer it if she were able to hang out nearby without causing all your emails to say "aksdj;akeauo" instead of "Dear Sir." The folks over at The Refined Feline have come up with a solution of sorts: the Kit in Box. It's a seat for your cat (or a small dog) that attaches to your desk just out of the way of papers but close enough that you can give your pet some attention if she needs it.

It's a good idea in theory, but unless that cushion is heated and vibrating, somehow I think your pet may prefer to use your laptop as a seat. In that case, you could probably use the empty $50 Kit in Box to hold a printer.

Via The Refined Feline