Jet House looks fast even while sitting still

No, this is not some new supersonic aircraft or UFO. It’s a house designed by Jérôme Olivet, who learned his stuff from the great Philippe Starck. Jet House is designed to look like it’s moving fast even though its smooth molded concrete structure is attached to a metallic building pad, tethering its undulating shape to the earth for a long time.

Study the pics in the gallery below and you’ll see that it’s a two-story structure, connected by an elevator. Designed in a style Olivet calls “biomorphic,” its other-worldly shapes are so rounded and streamlined, it has a calming effect. However, as any builder knows, the more rounded the shape, the more expensive it is to build. We’re thinking, though, whoever would construct such a magnificent house by the sea may not exactly be pinching pennies.

Jérôme Olivet, via Trends Now