Jawbone 2: Bluetooth style gets an upgrade

Google "Jawbone" and all but one of the links will take you to a page about the acclaimed Bluetooth earpiece — a tribute to the marketing department at Aliph (the manufacturer). The combo of clever name and sexy design was a winner when it debuted a couple of years ago, but the gadget is long overdue for an upgrade.

Well, it's coming. Jawbone 2 made its debut at the FCC website today, which means it's baby-stepping toward a release in the U.S. later this year. Certainly it will continue the legacy of hands-free calling with noise-suppressing technology, so you can keep having conversations without turning off your leaf blower. Expectedly, J2 is smaller and sexier than the original (which is a bit large by today's standards) and is full of Bluetooth 2.0 goodness for more reliable pairing and better battery life.

It's too bad the Jawbone name (and those marketing expenses) will mean this guy will likely be pricier than most earpieces, but chances are it'll be worth it. We look forward to checking it out.

FCC, via Engadget