iChime customizable doorbell rings your bell the way you want

When you think ring tones, you may not have a doorbell in mind, but why not? Now our quest to have Captain Picard’s doorbell sound in our very own abode has met with success, with a product that can do that and more: The iChime. Wire this battery-operated box up to your existing doorbell, and it’ll play one of its dozens of included sounds. You’ll mount it so it’s easy to take down and program yourself, letting you change its tunes or record six of your own audio files using the headphone jack from your MP3 player.

But we could have had Picard's chime in place already, because this isn’t the first customizabe MP3 doorbell. After a long wait for any smart doorbells that were half-way decent, suddenly we have plenty from which to choose. Among others, there’s the $100 ReBell from Think Geek that works a lot like this $90 iChime, and there’s also the DoorLinX by Netstreams, which is a bit more sophisticated and a lot more expensive.

Now all you have to do is change out that boring doorbell button (it’s easy to do) for a swank Spore De-Light with a blue LED like this one, and your guests will think they’re about to step into the 22nd century.

iChime, via Uber Review