Hy-Bird electric solar plane to fly around the world this summer, ships next year

Take a look at the Hy-Bird, a hydrogen-powered electric airplane that gets 10% of its power from the sun. Made of super-lightweight (and expensive) carbon fiber, there’s talk of this fuel-cell aircraft flying around the world this summer, and shipping to paying customers starting next year. Could happen, because this is not the first electric airplane we've heard of, and certainly won't be the last.

Created by French company Lisa Airplanes, the idea is “to fly around the world with a 100% clean electric airplane powered only by renewable energies: solar energy and hydrogen.” The company says that power system will allow the plane to circumnavigate the globe in 3000-km stages. The electro-aviators aren't saying how much the shipping product will cost, though.

Lisa Airplanes, via Inhabitat