Humanscale Daybed, an office computing lounge for lazy creatives

It’s impossible to concentrate without being comfortable. That’s the idea behind the unambitiously named Daybed, a lounge-workstation design concept by Humanscale that blends in with the rest of your chic furniture around the house — if your house is straight out of A Clockwork Orange, that is.

The stainless steel, plastic and aluminum frame is ergonomically shaped to take the stress off your aching back, while its articulating laptop stand has a mousing surface with storage underneath and a slide-out work surface on the opposite side.

This looks like an exceptional place to get some work done — if you don’t have any arms. Really, guys, where do your arms go? Let’s have a pair of big soft armrests with a mouse pad at the end. Not a bad attempt, but for our money, here’s a better choice that actually exists:


We’d go with the existing and gorgeous Steelcase Leap Worklounge and Ottoman ($3000), which could still use a well-placed mousepad but at least acknowledges that human beings have arms. That ottoman converts into a handy table, too.

Humanscale, via Born Rich