'How High the Moon' see-through chair made of steel mesh

Now this is just weird. The “How High the Moon” chair, named after that classic Duke Ellington song, is made of expanded nickel-plated steel mesh and covered with epoxy (hopefully to make it more comfy than it looks). The result is a club chair that is there but isn’t. You can see right through the whole thing, but don't cut yourself on it.

First conceived and built by influential Japanese designer Shiro Kuramata in 1986, Vitra, a German furniture manufacturer, finally got around to actually producing a few of them. The $9975 chair’s design is so iconic, there’s even a miniature version of it, which itself costs $450. Now all we need is a loveseat and coffee table made of this stuff, add some chain-link fence room dividers, and our urban basketball court décor will be complete.

Nova 68, via Design Milk