How does Jack Bauer wake up? The Danger Bomb Clock

With an African-American candidate looking like he may have a legitimate chance at making it into the White House, we recently decided it was time to review several seasons of the startlingly prescient TV show "24." After several weekends of "24" marathons it's clear that the best parts are when Jack Bauer is forced to disable a bomb in less that 30 seconds. Now you can join in the torturous, war weary, gravel-voiced fun of a burnt out CTU agent with your very own Danger Bomb Clock. Each morning the alarm clock can only be stopped by figuring out a new code that is randomly generated every day. If you fail to disable the clock in time an explosion sound goes off, giving you that glorious "code orange" start to the day. You can pick up your piece of apocalyptic sunshine for just 3,129 yen ($30.59) here.

Via BanPresto