Honey, I shrunk the Digital Foci picture frame

Digital Foci makes a lot of different-sized digital photo frames, but this Pocket Album is its smallest yet. The tiny trinket with its 1.5” screen is small enough to use as a keychain, holding 74 miniphotos in its decidedly mini 8MB of flash storage. It even includes software for you to shrink those photos for shoehorning into this Lilliputian frame. At first glance, this might have some potential as a Mother’s Day (May 11th this year) gift.

However, Mom might wonder what the hell a “Digital Foci” is (a strain of bacteria? plural of focus?), what with its logo plastered all over the front of this otherwise cute device. She also may not like the fact that its battery goes dead after a mere nine hours, needing a recharge before the day is even half-over for a busy mom. But then, for $29.95, maybe we’re expecting too much.

Digital Foci, via Coolest Gadgets