Homemade burglar alarm uses an AK-47 to keep intruders away

Who needs a fancy security system for their home? Not Hanif Molavizadeh! This enterprising Afghani set up his own DIY burglar alarm in his home that sports an AK-47 to make sure no one breaks in. If it senses somebody nearby, it'll call his phone and let him talk to the potential intruder via a speaker. If they don't leave, he can fire the rifle remotely, which would scare off any but the braves of thieves.

And why not? I wouldn't mind getting a call saying someone was breaking into my apartment if I knew I could just hold down the # button to fire a clip off. It's called taking things into your own hands, folks, and I'm sure it's only illegal if you actually kill anybody. I like those odds!

NPR, via The Uberreview