Dueling Space Marines Copters: high flyin' laser tag fun

Here's a toy set I could see buying the kids just so you can sneakily enjoy them yourself.

The Dueling Space Marines Copter Set is a pair of astronaut-shaped remote controlled fliers that battle one another using infrared lasers. You're not just playing for points, either — score a successful hit and your opponent will go spinning out of control. A second, and the copter will lose power (presumably unable to fire). Three strikes and your copter is out, plummeting to the ground until you retrieve it.

It may drive mothers nuts, but the Marines are designed to battle indoors. Outdoors, even a small wind would throw them wildly off course. ThinkGeek also makes a note that piloting and landing a hit takes some real skill, so you may just have to settle for ramming the opposing Marine until you get the hang of it.

At $50, the Space Marines are a little expensive for toys you're essentially going to be constantly dropping from high up.

Via Think Geek