Hatch home-grown spices and herbs in a windowsill Eggling

You'd like to take a step towards a "green" lifestyle by growing your own herbs and flowers. After all, indoor plants help clean your air, and any food you grow at home puts you one step closer to eating "local." But sometimes it's difficult to motivate, especially if you don't think you have a green thumb.

One good way to get started is with a beautifully-designed Eggling. Each ceramic egg costs less than $10 and is filled with soil and seeds that will let you grow anything from thyme and basil to wild strawberries and petunias. Egglings are the size of Large chicken eggs and their "shells" are made of thin ceramic so that they feel just like eggs. Use a spoon to crack the top off of your Eggling, add water, and within a few days you should see sprouts. when your Eggling gets too big for its shell (within 2-5 months, according the company), transplant it to a larger pot, or put it in your garden. Since the Eggling shell is made in Japan (where the mini-planters are super popular), we have to jump in here and add that going to your local nursery for seedlings is more locally conscious and environmentally friendly. But if these adorable eggs can get you started growing your own herbs, it can't be a bad thing, right?

Eggling, via MoMA