Good idea, bad execution: Air ionizing light bulbs

Our latest tale of convergence finds our two unlikely heroes, the air ionizer and the CFL lightbulb being forced to work together and achieve the ultimate bright and clean air household. The Viatek Ionic is a 15-watt light bulb that comes with another handy feature, and it's an air ionizer.

Air iodizes work by emitting powerful ions that attach to the pollutants in the air and forcing the bad smelling pollutants to drop to the ground and eventually be vacuumed up.

Each light bulb sells for $15, and unfortunately, according to our own Charlie White, doesn't work so well. Then again, White's house could just be too clean or too dirty for a tiny air ionizer to have any effect.

Viatek Ionic 15 Watt Ionic Bulb, via Ecofriend

Correction: Change it from an air iodizing to ionizing. Nobody wants to be sprayed with iodine from lightbulbs.