Giant mouth exhibit is just one stop on a gross, informative journey

If young Nick Szalinski wasn't spotted amidst the spoonful of Cheerios in Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, he'd have the same view awaiting visitors to the Corpus amusement park/museum in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Part of a journey through the human body, museum goers enter the body through the knee and can watch a movie around the reproductive bits, aid the giant body fight infection by hurling bean bags, poke around the brain and feel like a piece of food inside a giant mouth.

The mouth of the exhibit is creepily lifelike with a rubber tongue, wrinkled flesh and a massive set of tonsils. The museum's creator, Henri Remmers, commented that the attraction is more than just an informative romp through the body, but something that will hopefully encourage people to live healthier the more they understand how things affect us.

Corpus, Washington Post, via bookofjoe