Gateshead Millennium Bridge: a drawbridge like you've never seen

Putting a twist on the conventional drawbridge, the Gateshead Millennium Bridge over the River Tyne in England tilts to let ships pass under it instead of parting at the middle. The bridge's crazy design is the result of a design competition held by Gateshead Council in 1996, and was selected from 150 entries of which Wilkinson & Eyre Architects and Gifford & Partners won the bid.

The Gateshead Millennium Bridge has two live webcams which overlook it from the north and south, and since its completion it's enjoyed status as a landmark, and will even appear on the back of British pound coins.

Click Continue to see a gorgeous timelapse video of the Gateshead Millennium Bridge in action, and check out additional views of the bridge in the gallery below.

Gateshead Millennium Bridge, via oobject