Ergoskin: Underwear that makes you sit up straight

As anyone who sits at a desk all day knows, keeping good posture can be a challenge. Short of getting your mom to stand by your desk and yell at you to "Sit up!" all day, you could instead put on some Ergoskin underwear. The Ergoskin has sensors woven into the fabric at critical points. If they detect that your posture is bad, they'll stimulate your skin with tiny electrical impulses, goading you into the correct posture. Suddenly lounging around on the job isn't so comfortable.

Designed by name hog Talia Elena Radford Cryns, the Ergoskin won a design award last year for its potential, but it'll remain a mere concept until someone decides to make it for real. As I slouch in my chair while I write this, I think it can't come soon enough.

University of Applied Arts – Vienna, via Talk2MyShirt