Ebay much? Try an LED macro ring light

Taking a macro picture with a compact point-and-shoot digital cameras is about as easy as making a dog play fetch with a cinder block—the awkward flash, bad zoom and blurry picture makes high quality macro pictures hard to come by. Now, Marumi is here with an LED macro lighting ring just for those trying to take macro pictures with a point-and-shoot camera. The ring has eight bright, white, LEDs that circles the lens of the camera and provides plenty of nice light to snap those miniature pictures.

The LED light ring is powered by a few AAA batteries and includes a tripod mount so it can easily and conveniently attached to your existing setup. It has two levels of intensity as well. Unfortunately, the Marumi LED macro lighting ring sells for a hefty $126, but that may be worth it when selling goods on Ebay.

Marumi LED Macro Ring Light, via OhGizmo!