Earth Week Preview: We go off the grid (well, one of us)

We report on a lot of eco-conscious gadgetry around these parts. From solar cellphones to electric cars, it seems every week brings with it a piece of gear that has the high-minded goal of saving the planet, one renewable resource at a time.

Well, it's high time we put our money where our mouths are (not to mention the manufacturers'). That's why beginning Monday, as part of NBC Universal's Earth Week, I'll be going off the grid from my home office in San Francisco. Yep, that's right — for five straight days renewables will juice all my gear: laptop, printer, cellphone, camera, desk lamp, Nintendo DS Light, microwave, coffeemaker… and that's just the tip of the ever-warming iceberg. We've called in an assortment of sweet solar products big and small, chargers that crank and generators that sunbake, and we'll be testing them out all week.

The goal is simple: determine how an average, electricity-sucking gadget lover gets by without powering up via a wall socket for a week. There won't be any DIY or piecemeal systems, either — we're going with readily available power products anyone can buy. Feel free to join in the commentary anytime, whether you have some tips on living greener or want to brag about your homemade pedal-powered setup.

Look for my first renewable-powered dispatch Monday, April 21 right here on DVICE.