Dust Mite Eliminating Vacuum metes out capital punishment to bugs and bacteria

You know something’s up when both Hammacher Schlemmer and SkyMall, the white bread of gadget purveyors, both roll out an “exclusive” product on the same day. This one’s a magic Dust Mite Eliminating Vacuum that both companies claim can kill and then suck up dust mites and bacteria. Just thinking about those critters crawling around in your mattress is enough to give you the heebie-jeebies. We need some peace of mind. Germaphobes, unite! Let’s kill them! Kill them all!

Problem is, that peace of mind isn’t going to be cheap. Both stores are hocking the thing for $249.95, an apparent testament to its high-tech wizardry inside. As most devices of this ilk do, it uses a sanitizing ultraviolet light to zap the creeps, taking out 99% of anything alive that’s too small to see. Unfortunately, you won’t know if it’s working unless you have a microscope handy. But hey, as long as you think it’s working, that’s good enough. Right?

Via Skymall and Hammacher Schlemmer