Drop Clock screensaver shows you the time in super slow motion

We thought we were completely done with screensavers, but then Drop Clock came along. As you can see in the video above, this is not just any screensaver. Those Helvetica numerals falling into the drink in smooth slo mo each minute have us mesmerized. It’s free to try, $15 to buy.

We downloaded and tested the software created by Japanese designer Yugo Nakamura for Tha Ltd, and you should know, the thing is huge. It’s a 137MB file and took about 20 minutes to download even over a fast connection, and you’ll need a substantial Mac or PC to run it. Even so, it’s gorgeous, maybe even worth dropping $15 on.

You can choose either a white background with black numerals, or a black background with white numerals, and over the course of a minute, the numbers drop, bubble and move gracefully around your desktop, which now resembles some sort of ethereal aquarium. Not your cup of tea? Even though they're still just as useless as ever, screensavers have come a long way since the flying toasters. Here are two more worthy suggestions:

How about this innovative Kaze to Desktop screensaver, also created by Tha Ltd? The $8 software makes objects on your desktop blow away according to how hard the wind is blowing where you live. Or, for free, check out the lovely Polar Clock screensaver for Mac and Windows.

tha ltd, via TrendsNow