d.light makes late-night reading greener and safer

Lighting the night with kerosene might bring back memories of your Coleman lantern on a camping trip, but for 1.6 billion people in the developing world it’s an everyday treat — an expensive, dangerous and dim everyday treat.

d.light’s rechargeable LED lantern is one way to get better light without risk. It uses clean, cheap solar power (you can also charge with via power outlet), and it throws off 10 to 20 times more light than a typical kerosene lantern. Best thing: It does it all without the danger of an open flame and without the ongoing cost fuel.

One charge lasts five hours on the highest setting and over 200 hours on the lowest. Right now, the d.light isn't going retail, but this simple idea could revolutionize the economies and the everyday lives of people normally so far off the grid they get forgotten.

Via d.light