Dixie Chopper Excalibur 3874, the world's fastest lawnmower

Spring has sprung and the grass is growing like weeds. Those of you with sizable acreage want to get that lawnmowing job done fast, so you’ll be interested in the Excalibur 3874, which according to its creator Dixie Chopper is the world’s fastest lawnmower. With a top speed of 15mph, after you’re done with that yard, it’s fast enough to zip you to the grocery store to pick up a few beers.

But let’s think about sheer lawnmowing speed. This 38hp monster cuts through 9.2 acres per hour, its 74-inch deck mowing down that grass with such reckless abandon that even the fastest runner couldn’t keep up. We especially like its 12-volt adapter for your iPod or cell phone. Too bad the Excalibur series starts at $11,332, just about enough for a good used Harley. Even so, mowing the lawn at 15mph might be nearly as fun as riding a motorcycle.

Via Dixie Chopper