Disney and IRiver unveil updated Mickey Mouse MP3 player

If you're as obsessed with Disney paraphernalia as certain sci-fi authors, you'll love the new Mplayer Season 2 from iRiver Japan and Disney. The mp3 player comes in 10 colors, has 1 gigabyte of memory, offers USB 2.0 functionality, and is designed to work with Windows 2000/XP/Vista computers. If the fruity color versions aren't enough, there are blinged out Swarovski versions for the elite and camouflage versions for the adventurous. You control the volume and direction of songs by moving the Mickey Mouse ears, and there's even a version sporting the same form factor that works as a stand-alone mini-speaker. The base model is available for just 7,980 yen ($77) here.

Via iRiver Japan