Cuckoo Bunker Wall Clock makes tacit anti-war statement

What better way to decorate your arty abode during wartime than hanging up this Cuckoo Bunker Wall Clock by Joseph Barakat for Diamantini Domeniconi? That little bird out front is one brave soldier, wearing only the flimsiest of helmets for protection, and standing guard, completely exposed outside his mighty fortress.

That’s right, this sentry dove doesn’t bother making noises or popping out at regular intervals — he just sits there, not fighting back but remaining steadfast in his bravery. The stationary fowl in his 111-brick-façade tableau serves as a timely, albeit mute, testament to the futility of war.

Like war, the Cuckoo Bunker Wall Clock is also exorbitantly expensive. Brace yourself for the price, Lieutenant: At $695, the identity of the real cuckoos will be instantly revealed.

Unica Home, via ThisNext