CrashBonsai brings horrid realism to serene bonsai world

If you’ve spent the past decades pruning and cultivating those spectacularly small bonsai trees, here’s the perfect finishing touch: CrashBonsai, a tiny smashed car, wrapped around that tree, just like in real life! Artist John Rooney painstakingly crushes, melts and otherwise accurately damages each of these scale models to look just like realistic auto accidents.

He's offering up a variety of cars in various stages of destruction; each of these custom creations costs between $75 and $125. If you’d like to set up such a gruesome scene in miniature, after you take a look at the gallery of John’s exquisite artwork below, you might want to hit Continue to see a very special (and equally unique) planter for your Bonsai tree.


The Park Planter is a perfect setting for that Bonsai masterpiece, and won't those two innocent mini-passersby be surprised to see a CrashBonsai wrapped around that minuscule, tranquil bonsai tree? Take your pick of scenarios depicted in exquisite miniature atop the $99 planter, from a couple taking a leisurely stroll to more explicit, sordid scenes talking place under that streetlight.

Just think: You could set up a scene of anarchy, destruction and chaos right there on your tabletop. It would be like your very own version of Grand Theft Auto.

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