Canon Pixma iP100 Mobile Printer is puny but packs a punch

We’re not big fans of printing anything — trying to keep everything digital and virtual — but if we were, we’d use a tiny mobile printer like this Canon Pixma iP100. Set up for true power-printin’ road warriors, it runs on your choice of a 3-hour rechargeable battery, your car’s ciggie lighter or conventional means, and did we say this baby packs the pixels in there? It’ll crank out 9600x2400 dots per inch without even breathing hard.

Even though it’s barely bigger than the largest 8.5x11-inch pages it can print, this notebook-sized powerhouse fits into your carry-on right next to your laptop. Of course, all this tininess and record-breaking rez for its size coasts a pretty penny, rifling $249.99 from your drawers for the privilege of owning it, with an additional $90 for that battery and $50 for a wireless Bluetooth adapter. But the ability to print high-rez photos on the run, without even cracking open your laptop, might make it all worth it.

Via Canon