Bringing sleek elegance back to air travel

Designer Alex Naboko of Minsk, Belarus is on the right track to bringing back the glory of air travel. It's easy to imagine crisply uniformed attendants wandering the spacious aisles, serving better-than-expected trays of food on the large tables and all manner of conversation going on between occupants facing one another. Even the economy class looks good, with an angular, interestingly lit ceiling and spaced seating. It's modern design like this that'd make us get excited about flying again.

These aren't concepts, either. Naboko's designs are currently used in Russia on VIP and corporate jets and, while you might think you're looking at the future from his work, luxury aircraft there have been sporting these digs for nearly four years.

Check out more shots of Alex Naboko's airplane interiors in the gallery below.

Via Coroflot