Bluetooth headset embedded in your tooth? Yeah, right.

Okay, I’ll be up front with you. I just can’t stand April Fool’s Day. We’re supposed to be telling you the truth, gaining credibility every day and becoming a site upon which you can rely. Then along comes this Bluetooth headset with its microphone that’s supposed to be embedded in your tooth by a dentist.

The idea is remarkable, and to paraphrase the late Arthur C. Clark, it’s indistinguishable from magic. But my dentist says it’s unlikely that such a thing would stay put for long, nor is there enough room to embed it in your mouth. And honestly, would they have designed the tooth attachment to be black, like a great big ugly cavity? I think not.

I’ll tell you one more thing: In the English language, a double negative makes a positive. But in no case does a double positive make a negative. Yeah, right. Which only leads me to the conclusion: There’s no way this story can’t be false. In other words, is this real? Today, there's no way to know for sure. Therein lies the problem.

Chinavision, via Slippery Brick