Banquete chair is world's most expensive stuffed panda furniture

This chair, by Brazilian artists Fernando and Humberto Campana, is pretty much the opposite of the Outlaw Chair. It's cute as can be and looks like one of those DIY projects that you probably wouldn't want to bother making yourself. After all, it has the potential to get irrevocably dirty (though you could always swap out bears). It starts to look less cute, however, when you discover that the Banquete Chair with Pandas costs $75,000. The Campanas are well-known artists, after all, and this chair does come in very limited editions. Suddenly, stuffed animal chairs don't look like such a bad idea, do they? So go get a glue gun and raid the nearest toy store. Or, you know, get out your checkbook.

Check out more pictures of Katamari Damacy-inspired furniture by the same artists below.

via moss online