Archos to iPhone: we've got Adobe Flash 9, and you don't

Disclaimer: I want a 3G iPhone. However, like everyone else, I also have a list of things I want Steve "Santa" Jobs to include on future versions of the iPhone, Adobe Flash 9 support being one of them. I don't want that YouTube mobile crap — give me the real deal.

Archos is the first out of the gates with full Flash 9 support on its portable media players. The Archos 605 pictured above, for instance, allows you to watch streaming flash media from sites such as YouTube and Hulu (the latter of which is run by NBC, same as DVICE) at full resolution without having to skimp on quality. Leave the small, choppy and blurry vids for the cellphone users. The device also includes Windows Media Video 9 and ON2 codecs, so you won't find yourself missing out on the streaming content, such as TV shows and movies, that the web provides.

These new features are available through a free update to anyone who already has a Archos 605 or 705 Wi-Fi portable media player, though you can expect it on whatever Archos PMP you buy from here on out.

Archos also announced a GPS add-on for the 605. Click Continue to check it out.

CORRECTION: In our enthusiasm for seeing Adobe Flash 9 on a mobile device, we made some unfounded suppositions (see strikethrough text above) about what the Archos 605 can play without verifying them. We regret the error, and thank our commenters for keeping us honest.


The Archos 605 has a 4.3-inch LCD touchscreen that makes it a no-brainer for a GPS upgrade. It already plays music and media so it makes a fine companion on the road, but the GPS In-Car Holder, which attaches to your windshield and holds the 605 on its arm will get you where you need to go. It uses Tele Atlas software that covers the US, Canada and Puerto Rico, and offers traffic assistance and point of interest markers for easy destination selection.

One major drawback: the GPS functionality is governed by the Holder and not a feature built-in to the 605. If you knock out the Holder's wire, as I know I have with my own GPS units, you lose the signal rather than just the power (and most units have batteries inside so they can survive powerless for a while).

The GPS In-Car Holder for the Archos 605 costs $130 sans player, or $400 bundled with one.

Via Archos