Air Aroma Aerologic lets you control a network of scent-stenchers from afar

If you have a garbage pit that has no electrical outlets, and you really, really need to de-stench the place, apply these Air Aroma Aerologic wireless “scenting solutions” to that nasty problem. You won't even have to go in there to freshen up the place. What do they mean, “wireless?” You place these diffusers in strategic places, and then you control a network full of them to manipulate intensity and variety of scents throughout certain zones.

Who knew scent control was so techno-advanced? And we thought that wall-mounted nose stencher was pretty radical. Going way beyond that, this could give a department store manager control over specific scents in certain areas to make you buy more. Maybe the smell of bacon in the housewares department might help skillet sales? It’s presented as a software-controlled way to alter scents in different hotel rooms. This is about the most sophisticated smell contraption ever. No pricing was announced yet.

Air Aroma, via Engadget