200mph mini-dragster screams around circular track

Tether cars have been running their circuitous routes for decades, but never have they been like this. The mind-boggling 200mph speed of this nitro-fueled mini-dragster is downright frightening. The pointy projectile looks more like a puny land-based powerboat than a model car. Hooked up to a central hub with a steel cable that we hope is strong enough, the diminutive road rocket screams around the circular track, faster and faster, sucking dragster-like nitro-methane fuel until it’s spent.

Is this fake? Nope, these guys are for real. The track has been around for a while, and it’s quite sophisticated with a radar speed indicator to prove how fast these incredible vehicles are going. We’d like to see one of these things in action up close — that raucous high-pitched whine and extreme Doppler Effect indicates the tremendous speed, but the thing is going so fast you can hardly see it; video hardly does it justice.

Jalopnik, via bb Gadgets