Wii Fit Sweepstakes: We have a winner

We decided to take an advance look at the Wii Fit a few weeks ago by getting a hold of a Japanese version, which our intrepid Vanessa Rae tried out in this video. We had tons of fun with the system but promised we'd give it away to one lucky winner. That time has come.

Congratulations to Jimmy Hines for winning the Wii Fit! You'll need a Japanese Wii to use it, so we're giving you one of those, too. We can't help you muddle through the Japanese characters onscreen, but hopefully you have some bilingual friends who can help you muddle through.

If you entered but didn't win or just missed this one, don't despair. We've got another contest going on right this second, and keep an eye on DVICE TV — we'll be giving away more stuff that we review in the future. Who loves ya?