World's largest surge protector won't let you ignore power consumption

Your surge protector is probably tucked behind the sofa. You know, out of the way. But what if your surge protector were instead ten times larger, red, and in the center of the room? You'd never be able to forget about the fact that you're constantly using electricity, probably because you'd trip over it every five minutes. That's the idea of Standby, a prototype from the Climatised Objects Project. It's an enormous power strip that puts all of your plugs in plain sight and makes plugging in peripherals like lamps much more inconvenient. While we prefer this plug that glows red when you're not being green, we understand Standby's appeal. Use it to trip your friends and then tell them you were just trying to make them more aware of their own greedy power consumption.

Click Continue to see a concept video of the Standby entering a home.

via MoMA