Who wants to be a millionaire? Write one of these iPhone apps

It feels like the world just changed. Apple opened up its iPhone and iPod Touch platforms to developers, and putting muscle behind them is $100 million from Silicon Valley moneybags Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Beyers. With that kind of cash at stake, how can you snap up some of it? Well, you’ll have to be a software coder for one thing, and then you’ll have to figure out which applications are most desirable for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

We saw a parade of lovely apps in the demo today from Apple HQ, including a couple of appealing games using the iPhone’s multi-touch and motion detection, an AIM client (finally), and some useful and powerful biz apps. But what’s really going to take home the proverbial pot of gold? We have our own wish list, and we invite you to add to it:

Picture messaging: Attaching a pic to an instant message is a basic function, one that the iPhone has never had. This can’t be that hard to implement, definitely qualifying as low-hanging fruit.

Mobile Blogging: We’re getting weary of lugging that laptop all over creation just to do some relaxing park bench blogging. Set it up for us, Mr. Developer.

Copy/Cut/Paste: C’mon everybody! We’re not believing this most powerful and rudimentary capability of even the lowliest computer didn’t find its way into the iPhone from the start.

Flash: Whether it’s Apple’s, Adobe’s, the hardware’s or whomever’s fault, Flash is not on the iPhone yet but it seems to be everywhere else. Just take whatever Apple's using for those limited YouTube videos and spread it all around. There’s millions of dollars at stake!

Voice recognition/Voice dial: Even that lame LG phone we had four years ago did decent voice dialing, so this one can’t be that tough. If you want to do NaturallySpeaking voice rec, now that might be a challenge, but enormously useful, too.

Pidgin: Yeah, we saw the AIM demo that took five days to build, but that app is such a pig on the PC, we’ve abandoned it for the polyglot Pidgin, the best chat client in the world that’s able to handle almost any method of instant typing.

Real GPS with Bluetooth: We hear some of these apps are already on the way, so if you want to do GPS apps, better hurry. Make it with Google Streetview, and you’ll probably have a hit on your hands.

Skype: Steve says you won’t be able to use this outside of the Wi-Fi realm, but it would still be useful at home, saving you precious minutes while you ring up your sweetie in Hong Kong.

Tetris: Some of us old-skool gamers can’t seem to kick the Tetris habit, so somebody put together the pieces of this classic game. We have time to kill! If you don’t like Tetris, insert your fave game here.

Pedometer: Can’t the iPhone’s built-in motion sensors and accelerometers do this? We’d like to know if we really did walk ten miles on that Las Vegas show floor last month. For extra hit value, team it up with GPS for walkers/runners. They’ll love that.

Built-in Nike+iPod: While we're talking athletics, how about an exercise package that works not only for runners but walkers, too? And finally, we'll get to jettison that annoying dongle. Even if it's not genuine Nike, somebody Just Do It.

Quicken: Bring the best personal finance app to the iPhone, and we can take it with us when we’re blowing wads of cash on who-knows-what. Pocket Quicken's already around for other mobile platforms, so bring it home to the iPhone.

Ubuntu: Hey, let’s ditch the OS X platform altogether for the finest OS the world has ever known. We know, this is fantasy territory, but it’s our wish list. So there.

Slingplayer: What if we could watch our TiVo from anywhere? We could do that with the Motorola Q — make it so for the iPhone.