Who needs a bulky hard drive for backups when you have SanDisk's FlashBack?

"Surely you backed up?" well-meaning bystanders will ask, the next time you happen to drop your laptop down a flight of stairs to its doom. But you probably didn't — it's such a bother. So to help you say something civil to those bystanders (they are well-meaning, remember) data-storage vendor SanDisk has come out with its FlashBack Adapter.

Basically, the $30 device plugs into the ExpressCard slot that's been standard on high-end laptops for the last two years or so. Controlled by software that comes on a CD, FlashBack copies and encrypts designated files to the adapter, automatically updating them whenever anything is changed, added or deleted. In other words, once installed and plugged in, the adapter does all your backing up for you — in real time, automatically.

An onscreen indicator show the progress of your backups, and how much memory the sucker has left. That's a good thing to know, because the FlashBack Adapter doesn't actually come with any memory — you need to slip in an SD or SDHC memory card (sold separately, coincidentally also by SanDisk). The FlashBack should be in stores this spring.

Via SanDisk