VirtualGT racing sim brings custom-made cars onto the virtual track

The VirtualGT personal racing simulator is an arcade-style machine that'll let you live out your dreams of professional racing right in the comfort of your own home. To spice the experience up and give it a bit of personalization, however, VirtualGT has a team of 3D model artists ready to render any racer you want that may not be included, down to colors and decals.

VirtualGT's unit comes with a library of racing software, in-unit loudspeakers, a racing seat made by MasterCraft and a force-feedback chair and steering wheel. As you probably already guessed, the racing experience doesn't come cheap. The VirtualGT personal racing simulator starts at $17,000 without a screen, and goes up to $22,500, depending on the quality of display you choose.

VirtualGT, via Uncrate