Vices of the Week: Motoring through the tech world via a stairway to nowhere

It was a busy week here at DVICE as we finished up our coverage of the New York Auto show by asking whether the show was 'green' and by sending Vanessa to check it out. But not all of our exploration had to do with cars. Charlie White navigated through the complex world of DVRs while Leslie Shapiro took us on a tour of the new world of satellite radio.

Finally, don't miss the bus on our Make a Cylon contest. It's still waiting for your submissions.

More slammin' from this week:

Stairway to heaven, hell, or exercise in futility?
Comment by flyer615: "In case of fire, use stairs… what?"

DVICE TV: Can a bike/elliptical-trainer hybrid be better than both?
Vanessa "bikes" around on an elliptical on wheels.

Who would want a trapeze chandelier? Everybody!
Fly through the air with the greatest of ease… onto your living room furniture.

The pedal boat goes solar, yet still a pedal boat
Less leg work than on a normal trip around the pond.

Kick-flush your home toilet with FootFlush
Never touch a flush with your hands again.

Racer uses gravity for propulsion, still a head-turner
For racing downhill in style.

Trump building enormous Buck Rogers era rocketship in Dubai
Comment by Traveler: "I wouldn't buy from the Donald if it was the last space on earth."

International Dance Party machine means business
Comment by Stone: "You have to go to the product page and watch the video. I know the 80's techno by "Bad Spella" (seriously), The Turbo shades, and the gratuitous dance scenes have me sold… Thanks, Dvice! I'm sending this link to everyone I know." Thanks, Stone!