Vices of the week: Spy toys, flying cars, dragons — what more could you want?

Like games? This week we took a look at 13 of the best incarnations of Dungeons & Dragons. If spy games are more your thing, take a look at 10 countermeasures — some amazingly simple — that'll foil your adversaries. If you'd rather find a new hobby altogether, maybe you should look into the UFO-chasing tools of the trade. Meanwhile, in Shift, Stewart Wolpin has a question for you: What are your favorite tech toys?

More tech-filled goodness from this week:

DVICE, SCIFI.COM and MAKE present the 'Make a Cylon' contest
Design the coolest red-eyed cyclops and go home with sweet BSG gear.

Flying Cars! We interview one of the minds behind Milner's Skycar
Catch up with Chris Milner of Milner Motors.

The New York International Auto Show in pictures
Check out the hottest race cars, coolest new car tech and more.

Robots in space: Navy will send 'bots to build lunar telescope
Will the first lunar colony be a robotic one?

Ball Launcher automates playing with your dog
Comment by Michael: "Most dogs I know are scared of the vacuum so I would think the noise this thing makes would scare a dog as well."

Citizen Independent watch is having a bit of an identity crisis
An analog watch that hides how digital it is.

Room with a view: glass igloos keep travelers warm in the arctic
Sounds romantic, just watch out for Peeping Toms.

US Army orders bat-shaped miniature spy plane
Comment by Anachronista: "This looks just like the spybats from the Dark Crystal."