Underwater power goes East, sinks deeper

While the University of Florida tries to figure out how to harness energy from the Gulf Stream without killing any manatees, a British company plans to drop 300 60-foot tall underwater energy-harvesting turbines into the deep waters off of South Korea. The project is expected to cost over $1 billion, but if all goes well the underwater generators will power 200,000 homes by 2015.

These 2,500-ton deep-water turbines are supposed to be more environmentally friendly than ones in shallower water that harvest energy from the changing tides. It makes us wonder though. If efforts in shallow water have been shown to be harmful to the ecosystems, will putting them at the bottom of the ocean make their impact any less harmful? Does no one care for the plight of the Deep Sea Anglerfish? On the upside, maybe they'll be able to work out a financial settlement with all the wind power haters out there.

The Telegraph, via Switched