Trek's Soho S bike: Tough enough for the city?

I know all about dirt bikes, hybrids, racers and cruisers — but a city bike? What is that exactly? That’s new to me. But makes sense if you think of it; dirt bikes are tough enough, but they're pretty slow, as are cruisers. Racing bikes and hybrids are fast enough, but they aren’t strong enough to take the beating city streets dish out.

The Soho S has a natural fit with a comfortable heads-up riding position. Lightweight and sturdy, this bad boy is ready to take on any pothole. It has a sturdy aluminum frame with lowrider mounts, making it perfect for the streets.

Supposedly because it’s a city bike, the Soho S has only one speed. I guess that’s probably all you need for city riding and commuting… unless you live in San Francisco. It comes in only one color: Satin black, and it has a no nonsense look about it. How urban. The Soho S is available now for $550.