Treepee elevates the tent-dwelling experience

Do you like camping but can’t stand wallowing in the dirt with all those bugs and worms? Then the Treepee is just for you. Hang it from the nearest sturdy tree, stake it down on all four corners, and suddenly you have yourself a floating paradise in the wilderness. For those not prone to seasickness, let it dangle in the breeze for that free-floating treehouse feeling.

Either way, this overpriced $600 tent, available in green, brown, or pink, has got to be a whole lot more comfortable than sleeping on the hard and unforgiving ground. Now all you need to do is outfit the tent with electrical outlets, get yourself a fuel-cell generator and a solar charger, and then plug in a fridge, LCD TV and hook up some air conditioning. Final Four alfresco, anyone?

Drinkstuff, via Nerd Approved