Toyota iQ unveiled; tiny techno-car to roll out this year

Toyota’s being coy about iQ, its latest pocketcar that just rolled out in its shipping trim at the Geneva Motor Show. Clearly aimed to compete directly with the Mercedes-built Smart Fortwo car, the company’s not saying if iQ will be hybrid-powered, but did mention “low-emission engines” and a specially designed flat gas tank underneath the floor. One thing’s for sure: the 9.75-foot city car is tiny and exceptionally cool-looking. They’re calling its styling “techno-organic.”

The final version of the microcar appears to be a bit more conventional than its bulbous concept version unveiled last year, but it’ll still reportedly be crammed with gadgetry and creative design ideas. Somehow its creators have figured out how to seat three adults and a baby inside the tiny cockpit, calling it “surprisingly spacious.” Check out the big front-and-center screen inside, sure to be packed with techno-goodness such as GPS and more. Production begins at the end of this year, but the company’s mum about pricing.

Via Autoblog