Touchscreen isn't the only nice feature in the Mooon+

There's about a hundred different options when it comes to finding a nice, touchscreen-style smartphone and the Mooon+ concept may appear just like another one. Don't look away yet, there is one shining feature about the Mooon+ that makes this unfortunately conceptual cellphone stand out in a touchscreen farm, and it's the integrated and dockable Bluetooth headset.

Sunman Kwon, the phone's designer, made a Bluetooth headset fit seamlessly in the phone's body in the microphone area. Although, the Negative Nancy in me automatically looks to some of the potential flaws with this style of a design and I can help but question the durability of a feature like this. Sure, it looks good, but after a solid six months of use would the headset still fit so nice and clean? Nobody knows, and we will never know, but it's fun to think.

Via Yanko