This Mercedes S Class gets 43 MPG; let's just hope they want to sell it in the USA

I travel to Europe on a regular basis, and have noticed the way most Europeans drive modern high performance Diesels that get amazing fuel mileage. Now Mercedes has combined this technology with the hybrid approach favored in the USA, to create something truly stunning. The S300 Bluetec Hybrid uses a 2.2 Liter, 4 cylinder Diesel engine in a hybrid configuration, to deliver an astounding average of 43.5 mpg. That's better than anything you can buy stateside today, except for a Prius. Remember, this is the big badass S Class, not some little Euro weenie model that's a Mercedes in name only. Now, before you accuse me of touting a car that can hardly get out of its own way, let me point out that the S300 has a combined 224 horsepower and 413 lb/ft of torque. Even with that big S Class body, that's good enough for about 150 mph.

Mercedes says they will start selling the S300 Bluetec Hybrid in Europe in 2010. Let's just hope they see fit to offer it in the gas guzzling USA. Please? Pretty please?